Enough is Enough

by Denise Romano

Enough with the talking heads.

Sara, 25, a Persian-American, currently living in Inwood, thinks that politicians need to stop profiting from the blood shed in Iran.

“Who cares what they have to say?” Sara, whose last name is not being used for her protection, said. “John McCain had the nerve to talk about Neda. He needs to shut the f@*& up. This is about them (Iranians), not politicians.”

Sara also thinks that the news is covering it wrong – and Obama isn’t saying enough.

“The iReports are good, but when they (anchors) start having their opinions, they completely ruin everything,” she said. “They have no idea what it is like to be them, they are disconnected from the people. Living in Tehran right now is not about the UN. It’s about the people. 9/11 was all about the people and so is this.”

In regards to Obama’s press conference on Tuesday, Sara was disappointed.

“Obama did not answer Nico Pitney’s question as clearly as I wanted,” she said. “I just want him to say that the Iranian government is not legitimate, he doesn’t have to elaborate. The European Union countries have already said this, it’s the right thing to do.”

She also said that the fight is no longer about the vote.

“This isn’t about the cops, this isn’t about Ahmedinejad,” she said. “This is about everyone having to boycott the country who lets blood spread all over their streets.”

Don’t Lose Hope

Sara thinks it’s important to keep on doing what we are doing.

“The minute we stop caring about it, we lose,” she said, adding that Iranians are not getting enough information and people in America really don’t know what is going on. “We now have an obligation to report. There are no reporters there, we have to start telling people what is going on.”

But that does not mean that she wants other countries involved directly in Iranian affairs.

“Stop talking about countries becoming involved,” said Sara, who was born in the US, but lived in Iran until she was 16 before moving back to the states in 2000. “If this happens, Mousavi will become some Western puppet and lose his credibility. I am anti-meddling – sick of constantly having countries meddle in our business.”

One Big Contradiction

Sara thinks that the Iranian government is a bunch of hypocrites.

“This was a coup done by people who know sacrifice,” she said, adding that they were all involved in the 1979 Revolution. “Them themselves have shed blood and know the horrific scene.”

She also said that the government saying they are doing this in the name of Islam is unbelievable.

“To me, its not human, not part of Iran,” she said of the relentless killing and beating of innocent people. “Islam is about giving and surrendering. To be the aggressor is the opposite definition.


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