Church and State Should Separate

by Denise Romano

They really believe in the separation of church and state.

 Ben, 50 and Soraya, 58, who were both at the Columbus Circle Rally last night, think that the Islamic Republic of Iran is not going to work.

 “I am here because for thirty years they are lying, killing, and they don’t have any right to kill people,” Ben, 50, from Manhattan, who has family in Iran that he is concerned about, said.

Soraya, who lives on Staten Island and works on Wall Street, agreed.

 “We would love to have a free republic, not an Islamic [one],” she said. “But it’s not going to be easy. At least someone like Mousavi who wants progress, then maybe.”

 But Ben does not think that any of the candidates are the right fit.

 “No candidates are the right person to be president,” he said. “I don’t want any religious people leading. I want a secular government; I don’t want religion mixed with politics. After thirty years we have had it up to here. They don’t want any kind of Islamic leaders. They are robbing and killing people.”

 Then he added that he is probably the minority in his views.

 “A lot of people, maybe 85 percent of people don’t want this,” he said.

 Soraya said that plenty of her friends and family in Iran are being silenced.

 “One of my friends sent me an e-mail about how much terrorists are coming, but they are really the religious leaders [causing terror]” she said, adding that Mousavi has a different approach to the people.

 “You see the way he talks, he says, ‘I hear you, I understand you.’ But Khamenei, he said, ‘Just shut up and go away.’ It shows you how brutal they are.”

 Both Ben and Soraya think that Obama is doing a good job.

 “I think he has a very good policy that he doesn’t interfere, “ he said. “If he does, they are going to blame Obama and advertise against the American people. If he interferes, Iranian leaders are going to say that America is behind all this.”

 Soraya agreed.

 “He is doing it perfect and they should leave them alone,” she said.  She believes that “it’s a blessing, and if anything good comes out of this, its because of him and the way he is handling it.”  “They shouldn’t put pressure on him (to interfere), because that is what they [Iranian leaders] look for. They blamed killing Neda on the CIA even though a doctor in London gave the name of the Basiji that did it, but they still blame it on them.”

 Both think that we should not forget about what is going on.

 “We are here to support them and to let them know we are with them,” Soraya said. “It’s about time.”


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