NYC 18th of Tir Rally, Washington Square, 7/9

by Denise Romano

Click here for the full slideshow.

In what appeared to be one of the largest NYC gatherings to date, hundreds gathered in Washington Square Park near New York University for an event honoring the 18th of Tir uprising and supporting current protesters in Iran.

By far the most energized of the New York rallies, organizers had coordinated chants, musicians, and had invited poets and politicians to speak, including Ali-Akbar Mousavi Khoeini, a prominent former member of the Iranian parliament. There was also a long green banner bearing the name of rally participants, in coordination with organizers in Toronto.

There seemed to be a sense of renewed hope after what was being considered a historic second round of protests across Iran.

Check out the videos below. Profiles on some of the participants will go up over the weekend.


4 responses to “NYC 18th of Tir Rally, Washington Square, 7/9

  1. iran freedom fights must attack their suppressors
    american reinforcments arive after we mop up in afganistan “””charge”””!!!!!!!

  2. the last thing Iran needs is foreign involvement and the last thing the US needs to do is get involved in yet another country that it has no business getting involved in!

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