What Are We Fighting For?

by Denise Romano

Two young Iranians came out to Washington Square last Thursday to support their country with hundreds like them.

Omid, 28, attended the protest because he doesn’t agree with the election results.

“We have to state that Ahmadinejad is not our president,” he said. “We have to free the political prisoners in Iran who are being tortured.”

Sara, 19, agreed.

“Iran is my home,” she said. “We have to show them that people won’t keep silent over here. We are with you every step of the way. I have nothing but respect and pride for my people. Those cruel, savage basij officers that fight them with batons and tear gas…I have nothing but respect for my people.”

The World Is Watching

Omid is pleased with the media’s coverage of the events in Iran, so far.

CNN and BBC have been covering all the news about Iran and its very nice that people get to know what is happening,” he said, adding that it was “very good” of President Obama to lay low. “The movement is against the leader and the people in charge of the country. With the medias coverage, international people now know what is happening in Iran.”

Sara had a different take.

“It is hard to say, but nothing being done is cruel,” she said. “The UN and other organizations have to have some way to help the country. They say, ‘The world is watching,’ but it is time to take some action.”

The Future Of Iran

Both have different ideas of Iran’s future.

Omid is happy with Mousavi.

“Iranians are looking to gather once or twice a week,” he said. “They will plan every day and it is going really well. I want to see Mousavi in power. He will bring democracy to Iran.”

Sara has another take.

“Right now I am not fighting for a velvet revolution, I am fighting to free a thousand prisoners that were taken and being cruelly tortured,” she said. “I am not fighting for a revolution.”


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