Freedom Glory Project

by Denise Romano, originally published July 10

UPDATE: Freedom Glory Project was featured on CNN on July 20th. Check out the bottom video for the interview.

For the past two weeks, New York City’s rallies in support of the protesters in Iran have become increasingly more dynamic by including artists, especially musicians. Just as Where is My Vote? – New York has become the de facto organizer of NYC’s solidarity gatherings, the Freedom Glory Project has risen to become the most popular musical act among the crowds that have been gathering across Manhattan. They recently made a video (below) to accompany the song “Freedom, Glory Be Your Name,” dedicated to “the people of Iran and the citizens of the world who stand with them.”

Freedom Glory Project will be performing at the Mercury Lounge on Sunday, July 19th at 7 p.m.. All proceeds will go to “keeping the Iranian struggle in the news.”


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