Fast for Iran at the United Nations, Day 1, 7/22

by Denise Romano

See the full slideshow by clicking here.

UPDATE: CNN also attended the event. See their report, posted here.

Several Green Movement groups in New York have organized a 3-day fast outside of the United Nations. Hundreds turned out throughout the first day, today, to stand in solidarity with the protesters in Iran. A scroll and painting were signed by the attendees; speakers visited throughout the day, including some of the Iranian-American community’s most popular voices; and many of the participants refrained from eating from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

As one photo shows, a very small group of monarchists attended, but had to stand across the street from the main gathering, unwelcome by a crowd with as little tolerance for the Pahlavi enthusiasts.

Speakers included Akbar Ganji, Googoosh, Fatemeh Haqiqatjoo, Mehrangiz Kar, Edbi, Hamid Dabashi, and Isabella Rossellini.

Check out the full slideshow or the videos below. Interviews with some of the attendees will follow.

The fast continues tomorrow and Friday, followed Saturday by a march from Times Square to the United Nations as part of the Global Day of Action. Popular NYC-area Twitter user @OnlyMehdi live-tweeted today’s event and will continue through the week.

Information on this week’s events can be found on these sites:
Fast/Hunger Strike for Iran – Official Facebook page for the fast/hunger strike at the United Nations
Global Day of Action, New York – Official Facebook event page for New York’s Global Day of Action
Fast/Hunger Strike for Iran – Official website for the fast (mostly Persian)


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