Democracy at Stake

by Denise Romano

Shala, 62, is an Iranian-born woman living in New York.  She shared with us her views on the current situation in Iran at a rally in Washington Square two weeks ago.

She began by reminding us of how things started in June.  “I am sure you have heard the news that there was an election in Iran,” she explained.  “Many people believe they have documented that there was a fraudulent election and that the [real] president-elect is Mousavi.”

“There were fraud and lies,” she said.  “Ahmadi was elected president…but the United States supports Iranian people in the streets demanding democratic rights.”

Obama Doing “Very, Very Well”

Shala said that she is happy with President Obama’s stance on Iran.

“He did very, very well, I think, surprisingly well,” she said. “I am glad they didn’t put his support in a very clear manner, it would have hurt us.  As much as he did was quite enough.  I am happy with that.”

Choosing Between “Bad and Worse”

But she is not happy with who the leadership in Iran may be.

“I don’t want Mousavi.  I wanted him because I didn’t want Ahmadinejad,” she said.

“You always had to choose between bad and worse; he is not my ideal candidate, but I would settle for him as a step toward democracy.  Dictatorship is what we have with Ahmadinejad and also corruption and destruction for the whole country more than democracy. That is what is at stake here.”


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