Fast for Iran at the United Nations, Day 3, 7/24

by Denise Romano

Check out the full slideshow by clicking here.

On the third and final day of the Fast/Hunger Strike for Iran at the United Nations, as with other days, hundreds of Iranians from New York to Vancouver to Norway turned out in solidarity with protesters in Iran.

Today capped off an incredibly successful week for organizers of the Hunger Strike for Iran. Iranian and other celebrities, including Noam Chomsky, Isabella Rossellini, and Gogoosh, all made appearances.

In addition to some devoted participants in the fast, attendees signed enormous cloth scrolls. They heard speeches in Farsi and English from writers, scholars, students, family of those imprisoned, and celebrities. They brandished roses as protesters in Kerman had done. Musicians, including Freedom Glory Project, performed and organizers led chants.

The fast built momentum for tomorrow’s Global Day of Action, where thousands upon thousands are expected to turnout worldwide at events in support of the protesters across the Islamic Republic.

Popular NYC-area Twitter user @OnlyMehdi live-tweeted all three days of the fast. Click here to see the whole slideshow, or watch the videos below for more. Note: The video speeches are all in Farsi.


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