Fast for Iran at the United Nations, Day 2, 7/23

by Denise Romano

The fast/hunger strike for Iran outside of the United Nations, which started Wednesday, begins its final day today.  The event has not only received extensive mention in the American press, but worldwide as well.  Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Facebook page has displayed videos from the fast, and mentions of the gathering have been seen on BBC Persian and Voice of America.  Hundreds have attended each day, from ordinary Iranian-Americans showing their solidarity to prominent writers, scholars, and celebrities.

NYC for Iran didn’t make it to day two, but as day three begins, we share with you videos and accounts directly from some of the attendees and organizers at yesterday’s gathering.  Thanks to all for bringing these to our attention:

Live-tweets of each day’s events are available from @OnlyMehdi, a trusted NYC-area Twitter user whose father is imprisoned in Iran.

CNN has reported on the first and second days so far

Akbar Ganji speaks – July 23rd

Noam Chomsky visits the fast – July 23rd

Faramaz Aslani plays for the crowd – July 23rd


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