Anti-Nokia Flash Mob, 8/20

See the full slideshow by clicking here.

by Denise Romano

A dozen New York supporters of the human rights movement in Iran formed a flash mob outside of Madison Square Garden today to protest Nokia. The event was organized by Project Nur, a student-led organization that describes itself as moderate and pluralist.

Nokia has come under fire since the Ahmadinejad government began using technologies provided by the telecom company to carry out a massive, violent crackdown on protesters of the disputed June 12th election.

Earlier in the day, protesters had also gathered outside of New York’s Nokia flagship store. Wednesday evening, many also headed to Columbia University where a lecture marked the 56th anniversary of the overthrow of Iran’s then-democratically elected leader Mohammed Mosaddeq.

While August has been a quieter month for the Green Movement in New York, a large protest is being planned for September 23-24th outside of the UN, when Ahmadinejad will visit the New York-based headquarters.

See the full slideshow of today’s event by clicking here or check out the video below.


7 responses to “Anti-Nokia Flash Mob, 8/20

  1. I’ts so sad that so many people just walk by and don’t even seem to know why the protesters are there, aren’t even interested and just ignore them.
    Ppl don’t despair, others do care and are spreading the word. I started wearing a green ruban on my wrist today; wish I could get a wristband like the Swedish police.

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  3. We care and shame on Nokia BOD & management. No one should buy anything from Nokia any more. I replaced my mobile today.

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