“Iran Alive” Film Protest at the United Nations, 9/22

Click here to see the slideshow.

by Denise Romano

Tomorrow a massive protest is planned outside of the United Nations to oppose Iranian ‘President’ Ahmadinejad as he speaks at the General Assembly. Tonight, however, dozens of early comers gathered at 47th Street and 2nd Avenue for the “Iran Alive” Film Protest, organized by Where is My Vote?-NY Chapter.

Organizers gathered several volunteers clad in white to form a performing human screen, upon which was projected a video compilation of the summer’s events, as well as seemingly countless “Ahmadinejad is not my president” testimonies from Iranians in English and Farsi.

Just before the film began, the crowd shifted its attention to a group of arriving bicyclists. The group, Cycling for Human Rights in Iran, began their ride in Toronto three days before. Their arrival was met with huge applause and hundreds of camera flashes.

See a slideshow and watch the videos below for more.

[Interviews with attendees posted soon]


11 responses to ““Iran Alive” Film Protest at the United Nations, 9/22

  1. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! …thanks from iranian people of Newyork

  2. Wonderful!!!

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  4. Amazing! Keep up the great work!

  5. الا ای به تن خسته مام وطن / به غم باز بنشسته مام وطن // به سنگ جفای ستم پیشگان / پر و بال بشکسته مام وطن // به تن گرچه بسیار دورم ولی / به جان با تو پیوسته مام وطن// هزار آفرینت که پرورده ای / چنین نسل برجسته مام وطن

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