About NYC for Iran

I’m not Iranian.  I am not Muslim.  I’m not even from the Middle East.  I’m just a seriously concerned New Yorker who can’t seem to take her eyes off of the events in Iran.

Since I studied journalism for four years, I figured this was the time to put those skills to work.  I feel as if it’s my duty to make heard the voices of as many Iranian-Americans and Iranians in New York as possible.  Don’t think of this as a live-blog. Think of it as a stream of articles, photos, and video documenting the diversity of voices in the Iranian-American community and the efforts of many to pursue justice in Iran.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions at: nycforiran [at] yahoo [dot] com. You can subscribe to receive NYC for Iran posts via e-mail by clicking here.

I’m also on Twitter: dromano23 and CNN iReports: NYCforIran

If you’re looking for the organizers of NYC green movement events, their website is www.voices4iran.org


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