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It’s The Least We Can Do

by Denise Romano

Bashir, 26, and Alaleh, 20, both from Washington, DC, are members of Project Nur and came out to participate in the Anti- Nokia Flashmob last week.

Bashir feels that the flash mob was the right thing to do.

“I feel that we should be creating a voice for Muslims in this country by doing these things often and creating a civic identity, which is lacking in the Muslim community, especially in the youth,” Bashir said.

Not Our Fight

Bashir is not Iranian, but Haitian, and felt that he must do something to show his support of the Iranian people.

“People our age are sacrificing their lives and their freedom,” he said. “This is freedom on a personal level, putting personal lives at risk and their families. They are being watched by the goverment.”

Alaleh, a first generation Iranian-American, agreed.

“This is not really my fight,” she said. “I have camaraderie and patriotism, but I am not the one throwing rocks and getting thrown in jail.”

The Domino Effect

Project Nur came up with the idea so people in the area – not necessarily Iranians – would know what is going on. They succeeded.

Atah, 9, from New York City, came out with his dad to participate in the flash mob. “I think that if people start noticing us, that it will help Iran and the protesters,” he said. “It will make the [Iranian] government stop sending over foreign policemen to attack them.”

Atah hopes the domino effect works.

“People will take notice of us and then they will start doing it and people who see them will start doing it,” he said. “It will have a great affect on Iran.”

It’s The Least We Can Do

Bashir said that we should use our freedom to our advantage.

“We have the time, space, food and liberty to be here and say what that we support them without threats,” he said. “It’s the least we can do as a people who want freedom.”